Sunday 4 January 2009

Sorry couldn't resist. All will become clear shortly....

So it's been a good three quarters of a year since I last updated, mainly because I can't access my blog at work and what with most of my readers are friends on Facebook - you already know what I've been up to. Yes there are quite a few drunken pictures.

So what have I been up to (for the gazillions of fans of my blog who aren't my friends on facebook and have been clicking on to my blog daily in the excitement that there would be a post only to find that there was no update and so returning to their offline lives just that little bit sadder)? Well, let's see....

About a month ago I finally caved into my Fit Housemate's (who incidentally is now an ex housemate - fair game moooo ha ha ha ha) constant nudgings of 'Celeste become a cox'. Which is quite funny really as if FH had never moved in with me, it'd be doubtful that he'd be a rower now. You see about a year and a bit ago I started "seeing" a rower, Rower Boy. He's 6.4", posh and has the biggest arms I've ever seen. One evening I was cooking dinner for RB when FH wandered into the kitchen. RB then asked FH if he had ever considered rowing as he was a good height (6.3"). FH said no but that he was quite keen on the idea. Strangely the timing was pretty good as the season was starting in a couple of weeks. FH hasn't looked back since really. He's made a load of good friends and he is quite a good rower.

Move forward a year and it's my turn to be a novice!

So far I've coxed on 2 outings (there's another novice cox y'see and we have to take it in turns) and been out in the launch (motorboat that the coaches sit in and shout at us from) about 4 times.

I have to be at the Club (Putney Embankment) for 8am on Saturday and Sunday mornings and I go down on Wednesdays to practice calls and workout (no one wants a fat cox) and now that I know people a bit more I'll probably go down a few more nights - especially as racing will start soon. It's freezing cold and it's immensely frustrating because I want to be great at it instantly which is impossible because there is just so much to learn. But I am loving it. I get to hang out with very tall men with buff bodies who wear lycra every weekend. I've made some good friends and did I mention there are guys with massive muscles in lycra????

I'm ultra competitive so my first goal is to be better than the other novice cox (she has 3 months head start on me). I'm pretty sure that after 2-3 more outings I'll be better. She has the upper hand at the moment as she has 12 outings more experience and so knows all the calls and should be comfortable with the steering.

On the boy front, well I've been seeing another rower from the same club that RB and FH belong to for the last 5 months. It's a very light relationship, i.e it's mainly based on sex. Although I do actually quite like him, neither of us wants anything serious just yet and I've only just entered the world of Rowing - so many boys to choose from!!! Hee hee.

Right, off to study river patterns now - oh yeah I am soooo going to be shit hot.


Monday 12 May 2008

Since December I have been going jogging about 4 times a week. It's normally in the evening when I get back from work but I have quite a hectic social life so I've been up early and jogging in the morning. In all honesty I don't know how I feel about the whole jogging thing - I like it because I'm improving my fitness and maintaining my weight loss (for you new readers, about a year and a half ago I lost 2 stone after being dumped). I find I am better at regular things - mainly sex. My thighs are toning up and although I will always have a big bum it's pretty firm.

However I never get the exercise endorphins that people talk about. I hate every minute of running and when it's over I'm just pleased that I don't have to do it again for another day. Take this weekend - the weather was stunning. My sister came up and we went for long walks on the common and did a bit of sun worshipping. When walking at around lunchtime - we were passed by so many joggers. It was crazy. Many of them were couples. I cannot think of anything less romantic than exercising with your other half. I will never understand why people think 'Oh it is such a glorious day outside, instead of relaxing in the sun with a picnic/playing Frisbee with friends/snogging a fit lad, I shall go for a run.'. I think they are mental!

The only two things that get me through my runs (*snigger* it's funny because it's also slang for diarrhoea) are knowing I will have a body to die for one day and the songs I listen to on the ol' pod. Which incidentally leads me on to the next section of my post. Below is my playlist for when I am running. Rhys made me think about it a while ago when he was doing his run for sport relief.

So without further ado, here it is:

Band on the Run - Paul McCartney - Nice to warm up to
Run to you - Bryan Adams - Catchy song, good pace and has the word run in it!!
Born to Run - The 'Steen - same as above
Push it - Salt n Peppa - after the first 3 songs I tend to feel my motivation slipping so this is the first song of the set of motivational songs!

Chariots of Fire - Vangelis
The Heat is On - Glenn Frey
Dangerzone - Top Gun soundtrack
Rocky Theme - Rocky
Keep On Running by The Spencer Davis Group
Dizzy - Vic Reeves
Don't stop me now - Queen - to try and convince myself I am having a good time - I am not.
Jump - Van Halen
Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf
Take on me - Aha
Lose yourself - Eminem
Baywatch Theme - Jim Jameson
Holding out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler
Fat bottomed girls - Queen - to remind me why I'm running in the first place. You have not got a fat bottom so this probably is a naff song for you!
Princes of the Universe - Queen - it was used as the them to Highlander the Series. Get the fuck in.
Final Countdown - Europe - when I here this I know I am coming to the end of my run. My playlist then switches to sit up music!

So there we have it.

I'm off for a run now.


Wednesday 16 April 2008

It's been a very long time hasn't it?

I have a very valid reason for not blogging in ages. I've actually had a life! It's amazing.

A very brief run down of things I have been up to will follow. I will of course write a proper post on most of the below!

So (in no particular order) I have done the following in my absence:

- Monopoly bar crawl (I drank from 11am until 4am the next morning.
- Went to both Clapham's cheesiest clubs in one weekend
- Watched the Boat Race at a Rowing club in Putney surrounded by rather fine posh rower boys.
- Been on 7 dates
- Kissed 10 people ( 2 in one night...)
- sent kinky text messages to a special someone in 'stralia
- celebrated my sister's 21st
- Decided to have a shower fully clothed with Hot Housemate and then fall asleep with him in my bed
- Went to the aquarium

So you see, I have been a very busy girl. I honestly never realised how much fun life can be. It's been a bit tough (especially around Christmas) with my Dad dying and we've had a few issues arise from it but life is pretty good if you don't think about the bad stuff!

So to finish (and because I'm rather nice) a few pictorals for your viewing pleasure from the above events.

DSC00244.JPG A case of been there got the T shirt!

cdrink.jpg MMMM a refreshing drink of Long Island Ice Tea on the crawl

celfran.jpg Posing in cheesy club

celkiss.jpg Pukker up!

celmel.jpg Oh yes I am clearly loving dancing!


Monday 4 February 2008

For as long as I can remember I have always been extremely fickle. I go through phases of being really into something, be it a certain chocolate bar, sandwich, type of pizza or even guys. Then as quickly as I had developed my semi obsession I am onto the next new and exciting thing.

I'm currently really into salted popcorn. I have a popcorn maker (thank you Secret Santa) so I pop my own kernels and put a bit of salt on them. It's great because there is hardly any fat in popcorn so you can eat it without having to add a few more miles onto your run. But I hardly created a post just to talk about popcorn now did I!? As fun as that would be I can't imagine you lot revelling in the knowledge that popcorn was discovered by Native Americans thousands of years ago, it became a luxury during the Depression being charged at anything from 5 - 10 cents a bag (daylight robbery!) and it's one of the top causes for children choking to death (along with hotdogs and balloons) - nice. No no no the particular area of my fickleness that I'll be writing about is Boys.

When I first meet a guy and (amazingly) fancy them, I get excited and revel in the whole 'getting to know them' part. We text and email and chat and then I meet them again and I find that I don't fancy them anymore. I have no idea why I suddenly lose the attraction I had for them - it just happens. Sometimes it can happen on the second date and other incidents can happen two or three weeks into the dating relationship thing. Each time though the loss of attraction is very sudden. It's quite bizarre.

I live with a very good looking guy. He's six foot three, very toned, has green eyes and dark blonde hair and we get on really, really well. I have secretly fancied him since I met him in June last year but just before Christmas I decided that actually I don't fancy him. Don't get me wrong I still think he's a hottie but I think he's fallen into the Friend Zone. From the very first day we moved in together there was an instant click with us. We like the same things and agree on pretty much everything. As I've gotten to know him more, I've found I like him more and more as a person but instead of that resulting in attraction and pursuit of romance it's veered off into almost a brotherly affection.

I even get slight fickle thoughts when in a long term relationship. With my first ever 'proper' boyfriend the grown up relationship was all brand new so that kept me interested and occupied for a while and then after discovering that we simply weren't compatible sexually wise (I wanted it all the time and he hardly ever did) I started debating as to whether this was what I really wanted. I loved him and thought he was a top guy but I'm a pretty passionate person and sex is important to me. Because of my indecisiveness and worries that I was asking too much (was case of grass is always greener?) the relationship dragged on far longer than it should have and it carved away at my self confidence.

My second long term relationship was very very different. I fell deeply in love and we were extremely compatible in the shaggage department. Yet even though I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread, I went through a good few months of thinking I had made a terrible mistake moving to Scumhampton (which in hindsight I had - I hated it there) and secretly wished I was single. That passed and I loved being with him but still found myself now and again looking at him and thinking - do I really love him as much as I think I do? I suppose the answer to that was yes as I still get hurt now when reminders of him pop into my life - I don't want to know what he is doing. I don't want to know that he's happy. In fact I'd rather forget that he ever existed. He is part of my past and helped (along with numerous other things) shape me into who I am today but the past is exactly where he should stay. In a little dusty chest in the attic space of my mind.

Which brings us to today. Today I came into the office, took my seat next to WB and realised I don't fancy him anymore. Good grief.

I think it will take someone very special to keep my interest piqued. In fact out of all the men that have featured in my life, I only ever think of one and wish things could have been different, I was young, he was married..........but that's another story.

I have a feeling that I may well be the next Cliff Richard. Only less ugly. Oh and less rich and famous. Hmm and less God loving. You know what I mean.


Tuesday 29 January 2008

When it comes to getting over your ex there are a few things that help.

- Sleeping with someone much hotter than your ex (i.e bigger in the trouser snake department, more muscles)

- Focussing on your life and what you want - perhaps moving to a new place, starting a course or buying a monkey waiter.

- Bumping into him/her when you are looking uber hot and you realise that he/she wasn't actually that attractive in the first place.

- Remembering all the bad things about him/her - especially the funny ones like the way his cock veered to the left when hard or how that weird growth on her back did actually look like Pavarotti.

Realising that he/she bears a remarkable resemblance to a not so hot celebrity say for instance Marilyn Manson, Amy Winehouse or even Rhydian...

Honestly, they do really all work. I'm living proof. Now where is Chiquito with my Margarita and pasta salad? Naughty monkey.