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Wednesday 16 April 2008

It's been a very long time hasn't it?

I have a very valid reason for not blogging in ages. I've actually had a life! It's amazing.

A very brief run down of things I have been up to will follow. I will of course write a proper post on most of the below!

So (in no particular order) I have done the following in my absence:

- Monopoly bar crawl (I drank from 11am until 4am the next morning.
- Went to both Clapham's cheesiest clubs in one weekend
- Watched the Boat Race at a Rowing club in Putney surrounded by rather fine posh rower boys.
- Been on 7 dates
- Kissed 10 people ( 2 in one night...)
- sent kinky text messages to a special someone in 'stralia
- celebrated my sister's 21st
- Decided to have a shower fully clothed with Hot Housemate and then fall asleep with him in my bed
- Went to the aquarium

So you see, I have been a very busy girl. I honestly never realised how much fun life can be. It's been a bit tough (especially around Christmas) with my Dad dying and we've had a few issues arise from it but life is pretty good if you don't think about the bad stuff!

So to finish (and because I'm rather nice) a few pictorals for your viewing pleasure from the above events.

DSC00244.JPG A case of been there got the T shirt!

cdrink.jpg MMMM a refreshing drink of Long Island Ice Tea on the crawl

celfran.jpg Posing in cheesy club

celkiss.jpg Pukker up!

celmel.jpg Oh yes I am clearly loving dancing!

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Hehe nice to see you are doing well gorgeous, I may be coming down to London soon for a bit of boozyness, I expect you to be in teh country this time around!

Posted by: oli at May 2, 2008 08:18 AM


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