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Friday 20 July 2007

Well it's all bit a bit serious 'round 'ere lately. So I thought I would do a less serious update.

My life is pretty great at the moment. I love my job and my colleagues. I get on so well with one in particular. We just click. The house and housemates are still grand. Although I'm starting to develop a complex about my height. Dave calls me pixie or fairy princess and Andy readily joins in. It's not my fault they are giants! I mean both of them are over 6.2". What I lack in height though I make up for in looks. I overheard my housemate on the phone when he was quite drunk refferring to me as the hot housemate with a cracking rack. Lizzie also seems to be infatuated with my breasts as one of the first things she tells people about me is 'Yeah Celeste - she has superb boobs' which is very nice but I don't see what the fuss is about, they are an average size - neither big nor small.

Tomorrow is our housewarming party and it is going to rock. There will be much drink consumed and Wii being played. I'm looking forward to seeing many of my friends and my sister who I haven't seen for bloody ages.

In other news - I bought the cutest little dress with braces yesterday and I have to say it looks fab on. I love it.

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"I have to say it looks fab on"

On what? On a scarecrow? On yourself? On Ben Fogle's bedroom floor? How can you leave us hanging like this! ;)

Posted by: Rhys at July 20, 2007 06:48 AM

*tuts* You know what I meant Rhys. However I REALLY like the idea of it being on Ben Fogle's bedroom floor of course as a result of him and I having fantastic shagathons and not that he wears dresses.

Posted by: Celeste at July 20, 2007 07:42 AM


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